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Elegant, balanced wines find their essence at the intersection of provenance, inspiration and artistry. Though a wine will only ever be as good as the vineyards it comes from, the wisdom of nature can be nurtured and gently accentuated. At Freeman, every wine is intimately made by hand in small lots. As many as 50 individual clonal fermentations are managed each vintage to make just six Pinot Noirs. The focus is exclusively on cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and total production is kept below 5,000 cases to ensure that every bottling receives the love and attention it deserves.

While these acclaimed, limited-production wines are available in some of the finest restaurants around the world, and in select wine shops across the country, the only other way to acquire them is by becoming a mailing list member.

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2019 Gloria Estate Pinot Noir

Gloria is Freeman’s estate vineyard, located adjacent to the winery. Ken  and Akiko acquired this site, previously an apple orchard, from a neighbor  in 2005 and planted it the following year. They named the vineyard for the  orchard’s owner, Gloria, and especially for Hurricane Gloria, the fortuitous  meteorological event that brought Ken and Akiko together in 1985.

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2019 Hawk Hill Chardonnay

When the opportunity arose for Freeman to start working with Hawk Hill Chardonnay, we jumped at the chance. Owners Margaret and Bill Yarak do a brilliant job of farming the vineyard with the help of Arturo Robledo and Greg Adams, and their care shines through in the grapes each year.

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2019 KR Ranch Pinot Noir

From 2004 through 2015, Freeman made a vineyard-designated Pinot Noir  from Keefer Ranch in the Russian River Valley. When the Dutton family took over the management of this famous block in 2016, we came up with  Valley, located in the southern and western parts of the Russian River Valley. This area is much cooler than those at the appellation’s northern end,  so it is ideally suited to growing Pinot Noir.

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2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

After the spectacular 2018 vintage, we had no idea what to expect in 2019. The weather during May flowering was hit-and-miss, with its share of cool, foggy and windy days. As soon as June arrived, everything changed for the better; for the second summer in a row, we experienced a perfect growing season. Mild heat spells were followed by predictable foggy evenings and mornings, along with bright, sunny and mild afternoons. We harvested all of the fruit in September under ideal conditions, with nothing coming in too early, and nothing overripe. This is how Pinot in the Russian River Valley was meant to be!

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2019 Ryo-fu Chardonnay

Ryo-fu is Japanese for “cool breeze,” a fitting name for this Russian  River Valley Chardonnay shaped by the chilly winds that blow in from the Pacific Ocean. Our local ryo-fu, along with the region’s famous fog and sandy soils, create ideal growing conditions for this Chardonnay.

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2018 Akiko’s Cuvée Pinot Noir

Freeman has released an Akiko’s Cuvée each year since our inaugural 2002 vintage. To make this special wine, Akiko Freeman and her winemaking staff taste every barrel of our Pinot Noir from the current vintage and everyone chooses their favorites. Next, each person’s top barrels are blended together to create multiple cuvées. The sample blends are then tasted blind, and a friendly competition ensues. Whose blend will be the team favorite? The resulting wine is called Akiko’s Cuvée, because Akiko’s blend almost always wins.

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2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

With an ideal growing season from budbreak right through harvest, 2018 was the vintage that 2017 tried to be but couldn’t. Most years include a month or two of questionable weather—perhaps a cold May that leaves us with a tiny crop, or incredibly hot temperatures in August and September that forced us to harvest early to avoid overripe grapes. That didn’t happen in 2018. Instead, we were blessed with the rare combination of a large, healthy crop and the highest quality fruit. This was the best year we’ve seen in our 17 vintages at Freeman—even better than the great 2012.

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2018 Yu-ki Estate Pinot Noir

Set above the town of Occidental, Yu-ki Estate is located just five miles from the Pacific Ocean at an elevation of 1,000 feet. We purchased this remarkable site in 2007 and named it for Akiko’s nephew in Japan. One translation of Yu-ki is “big tree,” which is a fitting name for a property surrounded by old-growth redwoods. We planted the estate with our favorite heritage and Dijon Pinot Noir clones, and to preserve the property’s majestic redwoods, we donated 22 acres to the Bodega Land Trust.

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