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Interview with Akiko Freeman, winemaker at Freeman Winery cover
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Interview with Akiko Freeman, winemaker at Freeman Winery

Akiko Freeman is the winemaker at Freeman Winery in Sebastopol, California. Akiko guides every wine and every vintage as she has dedicated herself to the ideals of a family-run winery, and a belief that a wine bearing the Freeman name should reflect the Freeman touch. To achieve this goal, Akiko immersed herself in the world of viticulture and winemaking, and apprenticed herself to renowned winemaker Ed Kurtzman. Akiko oversees every aspect of Freeman’s winemaking program, from the selection of vineyard partners to fermentation, racking, lot evaluations and blending. Her vision and refined palate have established Freeman as one of the great benchmarks for cool-climate New World winemaking, while also establishing Akiko as a winemaking talent in her own right. I present this week’s Vintner in the Spotlight, Akiko Freeman